Whether planning your daughter’s wedding or professionally organizing special events for customers, the process may be somewhat intimidating. Numerous things can go wrong, putting you at risk of liability if you are sued. Special event insurance can help you protect yourself if a guest is harmed, alcohol is served, the venue you booked requires liability insurance, or to maintain your peace of mind.

Why do you need event insurance? 

Special event insurance covers event organizers who may face liability or a lawsuit for third parties’ property damage or bodily injury. Along with providing damage protection, special event liability insurance may be able to safeguard your event investment. This insurance can also cover the venue or event sponsors if they are included in the policy.

What can special events insurance cover? 

Here are five reasons why purchasing event insurance for weddings or any other special event is a wise investment, whether you’re the organizer or a vendor.


How often have you seen or read about accidents occurring during events? Accidents can occur at every event, regardless of its type, and event insurance coverage is critical for both organizers’ and suppliers’ safety.

Property & Premises Damage

Regardless of the number of attendees, whether hiring a venue space or organizing an event in a private residence, there is a reasonable possibility that some property damage may occur.

To illustrate, if you booked a venue and a fire broke out during your event, causing $92,000 in damage, the insurance would completely cover the cost of repairs pending if your maximum damage to premises was $100,000.

Liability for Care, Custody, and Control

The majority of liability plans exclude coverage for bodily injury or property loss. Simultaneously, it is in the event organizer or vendor’s care, custody, or control, but special event insurance can be added if necessary. Kristen and her husband’s 50th birthday party exemplifies how beneficial this type of responsibility can be. Kristen rented a lovely ballroom for her husband’s birthday celebration. Still, a bottle of red wine was shattered during the event, causing damage to both the custom Persian carpet and the surrounding travertine floor. The ballroom’s owner sued Kristen for the $48,500 cost of replacing the whole carpet and a large section of the travertine floor. Kristen was lucky to obtain the Care, Custody, and Control Liability Insurance, which shielded her from the loss.

Alcoholic Beverage Liability

Liquor liability insurance covers injuries and property damage caused by intoxication. If money is exchanged and alcohol is served, Liquor Liability coverage protects both event organizers and vendors. Click here to learn more about event insurance coverage. 


In the end, event insurance is about protection. The primary benefit of event insurance is that it provides a single, comprehensive policy tailored specifically to the needs of those who organize special events or provide vendor services at events. Accidents can occur during events regardless of how many precautions are taken. Special event insurance will provide you with the protection and peace of mind that you desire.