There’s true that is quite known and recognized among leaders in the majority of the main industries around the world and this is: how digital technology is interrupting all the models we know so far.

Digitalization appears to be at present the main source of tremendous transformations in various facets of our lives. Digitalization is the newest connectivity for taxpayers, policymakers, societies, and governments. It presents unlimited chances at wireless inc careers to the creation of more value to businesses, but if not undertaken carefully, besides, it represents a risk.

Much has been discussed and analyzed, quite specifically the economic or societal implications of the digitalization phenomenon, questions are rising and contest widening, while important questions are just appearing while the process of the digital transformation is taking place.

However, throughout all those procedures, I wish to point out as an urgent matter and the most important factor in all this boom: Who is the operator supporting a machine? To whom are companies targeting their augmented or virtual reality gadgets? Who’s behind all this digital transformation show? Is exactly what some economists out of the EU business faculty name: the unitary cost of manufacturing, say, the individual being, state, you, and me.

Some fantastic personalities around the globe from several cultures, I am speaking about supermen who exude time to inspect our inner and outer nature. Those fantastic philosophers agree that the current mankind’s evolutionary condition is that of mere wisdom, nothing else nothing much. Intellect has enabled us to go beyond the unexpected from the content world. It’s enabled us to advance in many areas of ideas in the materialistic point of view, say, what our perceptions experiment as a stimulation that comes from the outside: object and subject. However, paradoxical as it seems we are perpetuating our dependence on devices and reduces the natural abilities we have been born with, making us in several instances mentally lazy and behaving like slaves of those devices. Otherwise, can anyone clarify if they understand how our ideas are formed or how do we experience deep changes in our deep personality and have an integrated lifestyle? Statistics show a very awful projection in this so much better.

Exponential growth which defines most of the scenarios we’re in fact living can help us understand all this material phenomenon. Universal legislation from a physical standpoint limits our senses and manner of the present. Exponential growth, therefore, releases unlimited chances in images, virtual reality, holographic realities, or astral realities. When a computer’s rate continuously increases its speed the more brilliant or even science fiction like computers or devices comes up. Processor processors -“Computer’s most important part is known as the Central Processing Unit, or CPU for short. The CPU is a very small part of silicon and is frequently known as the silicon processor or the processor chip. This small little piece is the mind of the computer, equal to the motor of a car”-double in speed every eighteen months according to Moore’s Law, the rule of thumb from the technology industry. Just click here to know more details. Therefore, computers, as we know to 2025, will tend to be more than 70 times faster than it’s currently in 2016. Photonics (“the branch of technology concerned with the transmission and properties of photons, such as in fiber optics”), says the more data coming out of fiber-optic wires, faster connectivity, this growth at more than twice rates every fourteen months.

Meanwhile as an exercise analysis, changing customer expectations, cultural transformation, obsolete regulation, and identifying and obtaining the right skills – to name only a couple. These challenges need to be addressed by government and industry leaders to uncover the significant benefits digital provides industry and society. Machines boost efficiency, provides tons of tools to manage ailments, health problems among others, in other hand reduces our cognitive coefficient not allowing us to use discernment or analytical skills, it also disintegrates our personality which makes us occasionally too much self or selfie (The Internet of Me) driven making us lose vision of a holistic lifestyle view. You can visit some websites and check their Baltimore page.

After placing a debate above on the actual meaning of the human being behind the apparatus, we wish to always emphasize quite clearly that technology is beneficial. Technology is beautiful. Nothing more than that: “The word technology stems from two Greek words, transliterated techne, and trademarks. Techne signifies art, craft, craft, or how, way, or way by which something is gained… Thus, literally, technology signifies words or discourse about how things are gained.”

Bearing these assumptions in mind, quite many recommendations could be given out but as a set of information to aid incumbent industry leaders in their efforts to accomplish a correct digital transformation that this can apply not just in businesses but in any groups such as households, students, social organisms, etc.:

Set the human factor above anything and everything. Including a good ground human resource doctrine in the provider.