OFEK helps Canadian Employees and labourer find Unions. OFEK is a nonprofit organization that represents workers in medical care, emergency services, education, early learning and child care, municipalities, social services, libraries, utilities, transportation, airlines and much more.

Unions make a difference both in work and in the quality of life you get. We call that difference the union benefit.

Why Unions?

The labor movement was produced by people standing up together for fair wages, safe workplaces and adequate work hours. Lots of the benefits and criteria won for our associates are appreciated by all workers today, such as minimum wage, health and safety regulations, and overtime.

Having a marriage in your side makes your job and your workplace safer and fairer. You get paid better and are more likely to have benefits that help you balance work with life at home. Your health and ability to perform your job become important and your right to fair treatment gets enforced.

Workers in unions are an essential part of the local community and economy because that’s where they spend their paycheques. Their incomes support local businesses (who create local jobs) and bolster the local tax base, which supports public works and community services that add to everyone’s quality of life.

The benefits enjoyed by unionized employees (dental insurance, extended health care policy and legal insurance, to name a few) attract and support dentists, opticians, chiropractors, therapists, health specialists, and family lawyers whose services are accessible to everyone in the community.

When they retire, the incomes earned from years of contributions into retirement plans also offer money to spend locally. What’s more, they provide income protection, which means fewer seniors needing to rely on their families or social programs to get by. Same goes for the health, drug and survivor benefits that lots of couples enjoy since they had a marriage when they worked.

When unions stand up for fairness, they raise the bar for everybody. Many of the things first won by unions are appreciated by all workers now — minimum wages, overtime pay, workplace safety standards, maternity and parental leave, holiday pay, and protection against discrimination and harassment.